1. How is LUCKY 11 strong?

Hello, please refer to the main page "About Us".

2. Is it safe to play games in your company?

Hello, our system is absolutely safe. We will never disclose the personal information of customers to any commercial organization. In addition, we also require banks with transactions, credit card transfer agents, etc. to strictly keep customer information confidential. All deposits will be treated as trade accounts and will not be handed over to other parties.

3. Is online gambling legal?

Hello, some countries or regions have local laws that prohibit gambling. In this case, please be sure to abide by the local laws. If you have any questions, please seek advice from the local legal department. The company cannot and will not accept any responsibility arising from any violation of local laws by any person.

4. Is there an age limit for betting on LUCKY 11?

Hello, Yes, the legal age to bet is 18.

5. Do I need to fill in my real name to open an account?

Hello, for security reasons, the finance department will review the registered name when withdrawing money, and the bank card account name must be the same as the registered name before withdrawing money, so please fill in the name you fill in when opening an account. The account names are the same.

6. What should I do if I forget my password?

You can click on the forget password function on the homepage, fill in your member account number and withdrawal password, and you can retrieve the password you set at the beginning. When you cannot receive emails, you can also contact the 24-hour online customer service staff for consultation and assistance in retrieving your account password.

7. How do I recharge my game account?

Hello, the company currently provides two methods of deposit, 1. Online deposit 2. Company deposit, please click online deposit to choose one of the methods to deposit, thank you! (Note: For customers who choose the company to deposit money, please be sure to contact us to confirm the remittance account number before each deposit. If the money is deposited into an expired account, the company will not be responsible for the failure to check it. Please pay attention, thank you! )

8. How do I withdraw funds?

Hello, please click "Online Withdrawal" to enter your withdrawal password, fill in the amount you want to withdraw as required, and then click OK. Thanks!

9. How to prove that the game result is real-time?

Hello, you can monitor through the video images of the game, the images in the video are all synchronized with the images played by BBIN Live Casino. We ensure that all game results are real live results.

10. Where can I find the rules of the game?

Hello, before you log in, you can see the game rules option in each game item, and clearly inform the game's gameplay, rules and payout methods. In the game window, there is also a "rule" option, allowing you to pop up a window to remind you of the game rules at any time while enjoying the fun of the game.