How to deposit

Method-1: Company Deposit

1. Members log in and click "Online Deposit". (When you deposit for the first time, you need to bind your payment bank);
2. In order to facilitate the deposit of some customers who have not handled online banking, please enter to view the latest company deposit receiving bank account information or ask for it from the 24-hour online customer service staff; bank transfer deposits arrive in time, and inter-bank transfers please choose real-time arrival account.
3. Select [Method-1 "Company Deposit"] - "Select "Deposit Bank", check the bank account number in use - "Transfer to us for collection through online bank transfer, inter-bank transfer, ATM transfer remittance, mobile bank transfer, etc. Account, the last step is to fill in the deposit amount and deposit name correctly - "submit the deposit application, after the finance checks the deposit amount, it will add the amount for you in 0-3 minutes!

Method-2: Online payment (suitable for members who have opened online banking)

1. Method-2: Online payment is direct online payment through online banking, online payment needs to open online banking to deposit;
2. Please log in to your member account and click "Online Deposit", select [Method-2 "Online Payment"] → enter the deposit amount and select the bank to use → log in to online banking to make payment according to the page prompts → payment is successful → the system receives After the payment is received, the quota will be automatically added to the member account, please click on the home page to refresh the quota!

★ Having trouble making a deposit? Contact online customer service immediately to serve you. ★