Withdrawal help

Withdrawal method:

1. After logging in to the member account, click Online Withdrawal → Withdrawal → I want to continue to withdraw money, enter the withdrawal password, the withdrawal amount, and click Confirm to send;
2. The account name of the bank account bound by the member needs to be consistent with the registered real name.
3. After depositing, members need to complete a valid bet of double the deposit amount before they can withdraw the full amount. If the full valid bet is not completed, the administrative fee of 10% of the deposit amount will be deducted for forced withdrawal, and an additional handling fee of 50 yuan will be deducted.
4. For a single withdrawal of less than 5 million RMB, you can enjoy the fast arrival in 3-10 minutes.
5. If a member needs to modify the bank account number, please contact the 24-hour 【Online Customer Service】to modify.

Notes on Withdrawal

1. The minimum withdrawal for "LUCKY 11" is ¥50, and the maximum withdrawal limit is ¥10 million for a single transaction.
2. Complete the full amount of effective betting, unlimited withdrawals 24 hours a day, and free of charge.